The Plan

Tired of the 9-6 drudge, and sick of hearing myself bitch about it, we decided to put up, or shut up. We put up.

We quit our jobs, got me a visa, arranged a marriage, rented out our house, arranged with the family to stay at Grandma's place in Maine, saved cash, said goodbye to our friends and family, bought tickets and got gone.

We now live in southern Maine which is a huge leap from our busy lives in London. We figured that there must be a better way than getting up at 7, moaning about work, dragging ourselves there and staring at our screens until 6pm rolled around, heading home and planning to do it all again the next day. This was no way to go on so it had to be fixed.

Currently our plan is to get freelance work, keep our expenses down and for the next few months we're going to go on a trip around the US. We have an SUV with a bed in the back, a google map full of push pins indicating the location of friends, family and natural wonders. We collected some camping gear, some warm clothes, some satnav, snowchains and a laptop and we're ready for the road.

Our plan is to travel around the USA from Maine to Maine in a big roughly anti-clockwise loop. We're going to try and take in as many states as we can whilst living as cheaply as we can. We'll do our best to boondock, crash on friends' sofas and even stay in Walmart carparks.

These experiences, pictures and even an indication of where we are will appear on the these pages.

We're totally new to truck camping, boondocking and not that familiar with driving in the US as we've lived for years in the UK, but that's all part of the fun