Friday, October 29, 2010

Motel camping

In the three days we’ve been on the trip we have found that finding accommodation can be troublesome. If you’ve the money then it’s easy – simply check into a hotel and jobs-a-good-un. We’re on a budget, however, and want to keep it as cheap as we can. We’ve been staying on campsites which is cheap. The catch with travelling this time of year is that the campsites are mostly closed.

Tonight we aimed for a place right on the banks of lake Ontario but when we got there we discovered that it was basically a small muddy field with a few trailers on it and a rough patch of grass about 60x30’ that was optimistically signposted ‘tent area’ we R’d the car and vanished, instead of choking up the optimistically levelled $20 fee.

IMG_5782This made things difficult as we needed a place and whilst i was up for a little Wal-Mart car park dossing, the Mrs was not. So we found a motel nearby for $40. It’s about as good as you’d expect for 40 bucks:







I was sure to park the car within sight of our window but the place has Wi-fi, a TV, fridge, shower, heater and big bed. What more do you need for two-score moolah? I’ll tell you, a cooker and sense of the adventure. We sorted both those out by bringing in the Coleman and the cooler. After paying for hotel accom, we were surely not going to pay for restaurant food.



Steff cooking in our motel campsite.

Our ice-block is in the freezer compartment. I fully intend to load our thermos with breakfast coffee, and the cooler full of ice - that should maximise the value.

Tomorrow we must work out how to ask the campsite proprietors if their site is a crap-hole before we drive 100miles to be there.

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