Friday, November 12, 2010



This is a quiet day. we’re in Coralville, Iowa in a cheap motel.  We’re in room 101, The car is parked 2 feet from the door. All our junk is inside the room and the full sized fridge is full of beer. These things are all good.

The weather sucks and this isn’t the most interesting of states, so there’s not much to see out there anyway.

This morning we went to see the village of the descendants of another European group who were persecuted for their slant on Christianity and who legged it to the new world. These folks are called the Amana and are into technology unlike their distant cousins, the Amish.

Their villages are well preserved and interesting to look at, and if you want to buy knick-knacks and little wall-hung wooden placards with sweet statements such as ‘live, laugh, love’ painted thereon, then this is the place to be.  You can also get rhubarb wine there and unlike rhubarb, this stuff does not taste like crap. It’s an interesting place, but probably more interesting in the summer; we saw it at a very quiet time.

We spent long enough there to find a tasty cookie and some marble rye bread, but now it’s back to the hotel room. American Chopper is back-to-back on the tele and for the first time in a while, I can sit upright in bed!

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