Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Lehman's Amish store

We are in Amish country. The store we are in specialises in devices and products that need no electricity, so as to maintain the Amish non-modern lifestyle for that branch of customer.

Here's my favourite old crone demo'ing a walking stick

This is an immense and fascinating store and we both like it very much. In fact, we spent about 2 hours wandering around and could have stayed much longer. I also like their free wifi which seems a little contrary to their old fashioned premise, but I like it


  1. I'm glad you liked our store! Sorry about the prices! We're trying, but it's a tough thing to keep these old-fashioned products, many of which are American-made, at the low "made in China" prices people expect. In fact, the cane you are demonstrating in the photo is not only American-made but Amish-made in a home not far from our store!

    I think you are right about the wifi...but, we've had so many people asking for it that we thought we'd better add it. Our goal is to make our customers happy even when the thing they want seems a little too new-fashioned. :-)

  2. It's a great store! We liked it a lot and it was good to see the locally made products. We'll see you next time we're that way so please keep the wi-fi up.