Sunday, November 21, 2010

More snow

A lot more!

We headed across most of Wyoming and into southern Montana to get to Yellowstone. The snow was pouring down and making the interstate a scary experience.

The big trucks go along at an amazing pace given their size and send so much powdery snow your way that you’re blinded for a few seconds.


A train of planes.





On a particularly icy stretch we were overtaken by a truck and its pressure wave pushed the car sideways and set it wiggling in a distinctly nerve wracking moment, but Steff controlled it nicely.


We thought rather than push our luck we’d stop at a town en route to Yellowstone and we chose Livingston, Montana. This is a cool town with an old main street of brick buildings.


We’ll press on to Yellowstone tomorrow, weather allowing. It’s 5f (-15c) out there and still snowing.

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