Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Movie coast


If you've seen Point Break, and who hasn’t, you’ll remember the climactic scene at the end where Johnny Utah gets his man but releases him into the ‘50 year storm’ off of Bells Beach, Australia. Well, when we visited the real Bells beach in April we realised that it didn't look like it did in the movie. The reason, it turns out, is because it was not shot there but was shot in Oregon on Cannon Beach which is in the north west of the state and many miles from Australia.

OR - Ecola and beaches HDR

The beach in the foreground is called Crescent beach and the one behind is Cannon beach.

If you look toward the middle and left of the photos you can make out the rocks that were visible in that scene. The weather was faithful to the movie, too. It rained and rained and that’s been the theme of all of our time in Portland. This is one of the few photos that was not spoiled by water on the lens.

This beach is also the one that the Goonies emerged onto at the end of the movie. You can even go have a look at the house featured in that flick:










This was not a day for the beach so we left and had a quick look around the town of Cannon Beach whilst trying to find a place to stay. There were campsites open but they wanted $20 a night just to basically park the car, not ok so we had to leave and eventually found one cheaper, but it still cost us $15.

The Goonies house is in a town called Astoria which is a reasonably big place right on the river mouth on the coast. It was established as a fishing town, but now has a slightly ‘methy’ flavour but we didn’t dwell.


Astoria has a cool bridge, but your time a cyclist might be a risky one – faceplant then crushed by a trolley





After a rainy night in a partially flooded and overpriced campsite, we headed back to Portland.

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