Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Seattle- washing off the grunge

So! While Steve is in New York making bacon, I am tucked in bed on a rainy Seattle morning, under strict orders to update everyone on everything we’ve done in the last week! Unfortunately he took the Photoshop with him, so you’ll have to look at the pictures as they are, completely unedited. I know, I know, but we’ll be back to our usual full hi-tech strength soon.


We arrived here on Thanksgiving and were given instructions to let ourselves in to an old friend’s house, who was out of town for the holiday. Thinking we might find a nice restaurant open for a little T-Day splurge, we headed out into the local neighborhood to find…absolutely nothing. A complete ghost town.

Luckily there are always a few stragglers, and we found ourselves at a bar called the Lock and Keel with a handful of misfits and meth heads. Later we found a curry, which made us feel like we were back in England.


The next day we took a walk at Discovery Park, which is almost like a nature preserve with a series of walking trails, rather than a park. We walked to the North Beach, which looks like this:

What’s nice about what we’ve seen so far of Seattle is that there are water views almost everywhere. Steve is especially excited that the boats from ‘Deadliest Catch’ dock here when they finish their crab fishing run. What a geek!

Our friends Elise and Jason came back home and we all went out for a Mexican feast and a catch-up. We also may have had a couple of drinks, but I can’t be sure.


Then we had to spend some time making Steve look less like a monkey, so we had him groomed and bought him some work clothes (because someone left all his smart clothes at home).

Along the way we visited downtown Seattle and the Pike Street Market, which would have been great if it weren’t too crowded to move! We extracted ourselves from the market and indulged in some Japanese-American fusion for lunch. Oh yes! Hot dogs covered in seaweed, bonito, pickled ginger, and wasabi mayo….




The Dog Japon wasn’t enough for us, so we took a trip to the international district. After picnicking on Vietnamese pork sandwiches and coconut juice (‘like being sick in reverse’, Steve says), we got lost in an enormous Asian grocery/ department store. I could have stayed there for a week, inspecting packages of purple pickles, mechanical chopstick devices, and books on toilet humor.

Later we cooked up some Thai curry using all of our new ingredients.


Seriously, nothing much to report here. Steve had some pre-NY work to do, so we parked ourselves at a cafe, plugged in the laptops and the caffeine drip, and nerded out.


Well! Finally rid of Steve, and not a minute too soon (I don’t mean it, come back!) A rainy drive to the airport, and then I spent the afternoon in the library with the other homeless people. Later I met up with another old friend, Sarah, and we all got together and stuffed our faces with pizza.

And next…

It’s going to be pretty quiet for the next couple of days until Steve is back. I’m going to be doing all sorts of things like some financial stuff, working on a few freelance ideas, and getting some Christmas shopping out of the way. It’s like a (sort of) ‘real life’ intermission, which is appropriate because I think we both feel pretty…at home. Seattle is a big city, but laid back at the same time. It *may* be our top town so far….ah, but there’s so much more of the country to see! Once Steve gets back we’ve got skiing on the agenda, and razor clam fishing, and Portland Oregon, and Christmas in Ashland, and all sorts….


  1. Hey, I'm off at 3:30 the next couple of days if you want to get together for Christmas shopping or other general hanging out!

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  3. Aw, I wanna be playing in Seattle with you! I'm jealous! ~ Dee