Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oregon Sand Dunes

We’re getting ready to leave Ashland and resume our trip to the rest of the country. To get us back into the swing of car-living and getting around we wanted to take a trip north and to the coast to see the Oregon sand dunes.

The Oregon dunes national recreation area as it’s formally called stretches 40miles from North Bend to Florence, Or. It consists of around 27,000 acres that are designated partially for hiking or motorised transport. We did a bit of both

They formed over millions of years of erosion from the elements and now tower up to 150m above sea level and attract around 1.5 million visitors a year.

We went in the winter season and during the week which meant there were very few people other than us. On the first night we hiked around taking photos until dark then walked back to our campsite and learned that sleeping in the car is not necessarily that comfortable. Weeks of proper beds have made me soft, but since it was about 60degrees during the day, we were not cold, at least.

Here’s a picture of the dunes on a nice sunset evening:

Sand Dunes in Oregon

The following day we hired a little buggy from the third place we tried. They’re not very open at this time of year, but we managed it. You can take your normal car on the dunes as long as you have a flag and a sticker from the Oregon government. That only costs a tenner, but we didn’t have time so stuck to the noisy buggy:


‘The Steph’ ready to drive








Here’s a little video of us zipping around in it:

More soon…

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