Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Grand Canyon - It is, and it is!


There are many places in the south west to visit so we are speeding things up a little. We spent just one night at the GC, but we did our best to do what we could to enjoy it in that time.

The canyon is, of course, massive. Pictures can’t do it justice as it’s just too vast but if you can get your head around it then the numbers are impressive; it’s 10 miles wide, 1 mile deep and 277 miles long (if I remember correctly) so from one viewpoint the tiny scrap of river you can see winding around a bluff is 8 miles away but 400 feet wide. When you see that in real life it starts to help you understand the size but it’s still difficult.


Here’s a picture of me creeping around on the rocks. Just a few minutes later I popped up again to find a native american piper, a woman in a white dress and her soon-to-be husband arranged in front of a small crowd. I moved along asap.


There’s not a huge amount to do at this time of year as all the hiking trails are covered in ice and snow. Crampons will get you in and out, but we preferred to go have a look around the canyon in a plane instead. This was a wedding gift that it was time to cash-in


We went out in this DeHavilland twin otter. A plane completely filled with Korean touists, and us.






Here’s the view from the plane. Nice!





Onwards to the national parks in southern Utah. We should have visited Zion on the way to the GC, but somehow we both got that navigational leap wrong. Nevermind.

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  1. Good to see the Grand Canyon again, yes some people do get married in strange and interesting places now!