Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Camping stuff

We all like toys and a camping trip is a good reason to get a few more. I had to try and choose the fewest that would provide the best service for the best value and not just the everything I want.

The list currently includes

  • Coleman LED lantern with 110v and 12v charger
  • Coleman dual fuel stove that can run on Coleman fuel and/or unleaded
  • Tarpaulin for rainy nights although I'm not sure how to stretch it out in any useful and rainproof way
  • Coleman 'Sportcat' catalytic heater. This is a propane heater that can be used in a confined space and does not produce Carbon Monoxide. This is good as it ensures warmth without death
  • A bag of lighters for $1 from the 'impulse buy' section at the Walmart checkout
  • A long stove top lighter as the above normal lighters all but guarantee singed fingers when igniting item 2
  • 4 mesh laundry bags from the local Reny's. Value!
  • A 400w inverter for powering laptops or battery chargers
  • A scraper and de-icer
  • Some bug repellent
  • A roll of bug screen for the open windows at night. Open windows being important after the recent discover regarding the lack of passive ventilation in the 'burb'
  • Some more fuel for the heater and the stove
Some of the items:

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