Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 2 – New York state


Temperature 48F overnight, 50F in the car – not cold (yet)

From the green mountain state park, over lake Champlain by ferry, to lake George, NY  and overnight in Old Forge, NY.

entering NY

Microsoft Streets and Trips shows us crossing the lake to enter NY state. We built a little ramp and took a run up – Dukes of Hazzard style





For the first time ever, I chopped firewood! Ok, i bought the wood from the shop, but that was to make sure it’s dry. I then spent a manly few minutes splitting it to get the fire going.

We wanted to test out the new dutch oven, so we thought we’d make some camp bread. Well, I thought Steff might like to make some. I was too tied up with manly stuff to kneed dough.



Steff kneeding the dough for the camp bread.






How to get your dough to rise. It seems that the ‘burban’s ECU is the perfect place to warm your dough. It’s flat, and unlike the engine, it’s not hot enough to dry it out or melt the bowl.





Steff’s  creation. The camp bread we made in the new dutch oven. The oven gets pretty hot in the fire’s embers and with no method of regulating it, the chances of burned bread are, in this case at least, 1 in 1.

Further work will be needed, but the unburned bits were yum






A deer, a female deer. She got within 50 feet of the camp, and let me get close enough for this photo.

We saw 4 creatures we’ve never seen before in this one campsite: the deer, a white tail perhaps. A black squirrel or a ninja, not sure. A Coyote, kind of like a scruffy grey/brown fox but a little bigger. And the fattest grey squirrel we’ve ever seen. He wandered around on the ground looking for food. I didn’t see him climb  a tree, I doubt he could, but he climbed our stove ok.




This portly specimen was brazen enough to jump up on the table, have a wander around and a few seconds after this shot, he squirted wee on to the table top, right next to that green coffee can. I chased him off and he broke into a lazy jog.

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