Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It begins…

We started! we set off on October 26th with a car heavy with kit and 156799 miles on the odometer.
We left with a plan to get to the adirondack mountains of NY, but spent a lot of time being distracted en route and realised we were never going to make it. Amazingly, we spent 5 hours trying to find a campsite due to them all being closed at this time of year.
We did find a place in a state park that we could have used, but it was basically a turning space up an unpaved road in the middle of nowhere. neither of us were keen stay in such a weird place so we moved on. Eventually we found on on the edge of the green mountain state park.
Here’s where we stayed.
Despite being exhausted from about 8 hours of driving, sleep did not come to me easily. i was very on edge with sleeping in such an unfamiliar place. Every time a leaf fell on the roof of the car, I was awake again, and there were plenty of leaves falling
I’m stealing Wi-Fi to blog this, so I have to cut this short.

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