Sunday, October 10, 2010

First morning

So it all went well, but I woke in the night with a strange sense of malaise. Not choking exactly, but the same sort of feeling you get when you have you head under he covers for too long.

It seems that the 'burban has no useful vents with closed windows and engine off. An open door saw us right immediately but it does leave the question open on how to allow the ingress of fresh air but not rain...

So all in all, the truck/tent worked very well, once it was properly oxygenated!

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  1. Perhaps you could make a vent to go in the side door rear window. If you got one of those plastic or aluminium louvered vents abour 6 x 6 inches that are used in houses, and mounted it in a piece of ply the same width as the window then you could carefully wind the window up and trap it between the glass and the top of the door. Tour bus looks good at the camp site!