Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Acadia National Park

Maine’s only national park, apparently. It’s basically an island off of the central coast of Maine, full of rocky coastlines and inlets to explore. We did not spend enough time here, but it was well worth the visit.

Lunch at the Drug store in Boothbay Harbor, and a hidden self-portait This is the inside of a drug store we found in Boothbay Harbor. this is an old fashioned eatery which is mostly a drugstore/chemist, but has a counter where cheap sandwiches and frappes (milkshakes) can be had.
we had $3 dollar sandwiches served with potato chips and chocolate frappes for 6 bucks each. Bargain!
This is also a hidden self portrait…

The ‘Burban in full camping mode.

The campsite had Wi-Fi! Who’d have thought it? Good job I brought a laptop!

From the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia national park. You can see 3 cruise liners if you look carefully
The view from the top of Cadillac Mountain. This was a great hike up the side of the mountain and across the top. We hiked hard for about 90 minutes up a mostly rocky and broken trail, and were a little crestfallen to discover a parking lot at the top full of coach-bound tourists. It was no Lewis and Clarke expedition, for sure.
You can see, with careful inspection, that there are three full-size cruise liners in the bay there.
The hike down was even more fun as we took a different route that led us down some seriously rocky trails that led us back to the car.

Four star accommodation is available from the back of your SUV. Just remember to open a window lest you consume most of the available Oxygen in your sleep, and wake up feeling very weird.

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