Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mountain fail, let’s skank instead

We parted ways with Elise and Jason in the morning, and headed out to see Mt. Ranier and Mt. St. Helen’s on our way south to Portland.

Unfortunately it was so rainy and grey that all we could see was fog where the mountains should be. So, no pictures I’m afraid, because we didn’t even catch a glimpse of either mountain. We cut our losses and headed straight into Portland and the Saturday night social plans of three of my college/Uni friends: Suzanne, Kristen, and Jana.

Turns out Kristen’s husband plays the trombone in a band called 'Middle Age Ska Enjoy Club’, which was playing at 8:00. Though it sounds like it was named by a Japanese teenager, it is in fact made up of a handful of responsible dad-types who formed themselves into a band to play for a friend’s wedding about a year ago. They had so much fun that they just kept playing, and started hitting the local bars and clubs in Portland.

They were great! The whole night was upbeat, friendly, unpretentious, good ol’ fun. While the crowd was skanking (that’s a dance, for those not in the know), my friends and I caught up with the last 7 years of our lives at the tops of our voices. We met a few new folks too, and stayed there talking until 2. Middle age indeed!

Here’s a video:


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