Friday, December 10, 2010


It was time to go skiing, we thought. We went with Jason and Elise and headed to a place called Snoqualmie. There was plenty of snow but I was more like mashed potato at the bottom of the hill due to the temperature making it soft – still fun, though.

Steph went off for a snowboarding lesson so I went up the lift to the grown-up bit. I found myself at the top of a run with only one way to go and that was the ungroomed, steep black diamond run. This is meant for people who knew what they were doing as the snow was 2 foot deep and the ground beneath was rough. I had trapped myself though and this, I thought, was the only run down so I headed down and fell many, many times. I was trying to do my turns whilst off the ground as the snow was so soft that it made turning very hard. Anyway, when i got to the bottom I figured I'd had enough fun to want to do it a couple more times! As it turned out, it was not the only run down and there was a nice groomed one a few feet away, who knew?

steph in snowSteph here, just to tell you what a badass snowboarder I’ve turned out to be! I owe it all to Jason, who taught me to become one with the board, or something. By the end of the day I was so good, I could go up and down the bunny hill all by myself. OK, so I won’t be winning any medals, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? Here’s how good I am:


After exhausting ourselves on black diamond and bunny, we had a victory beer in the lodge bar and then hunkered down for a night of boondocking in the parking lot. Here’s our home for the night:




Here we are inside Elise and Jason’s Westfalia. We have camping rig envy! There’s enough space in here to sit upright and hang out while cooking and eating dinner, which is a real novelty for us. Elise cooked the best crab cakes ever for dinner using some of the leftover meat from our shore shack catch….mmm….crab cakes….

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  1. Just wanted Steph to know how badd she is on a snowboard; the next day we tuned up the boards and discovered that your bindings were set up with an INSANE forward lean, and really the only person that could've rode that way, was an absolute natural!!!! We were both amazed!!! Better than my broken binding story by far