Thursday, December 09, 2010


Covertly from Steph, because Steve is too shy to tell you about this himself…


For the last year, Steve has been a big fan of WeatherBrains, the official podcast for people who love weather (yes! there is such a thing…) He answered an online survey for them while we were still in London, which they enjoyed so much that they read some of his answers on air. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, when he told them of our plans to drive around the country, they invited him to be a guest on the podcast!

A couple of weeks ago, when we were just outside of Yellowstone, Steve stood outside in the freezing cold to call in for the recording, while I sat in the car drinking coffee and watching elk cross the street.

If you’d like to hear Steve’s big episode, follow this link: and then click on episode 252 ‘Weather Across the Pond’. See if you can hear his teeth chattering! Do it quick before he catches on and tampers with this post….

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  1. How fun! He sounded very cool and collected... and, no, I didn't hear any teeth chattering!!! Way to go, Stevie!